Who, exactly, am I?

Good question.

I’m a voracious reader with a taste for dystopian fiction, an extremely amateur photographer, a fan of beers as long as they’re not extraordinarily hoppy, a lover of media in all it’s myriad forms, a kindle addict, an apartment dweller, book lover, a lover with ‘daddy’ tendencies – I’ll happily spank someone who enjoys it and enjoy the fuck out of it myself.

I’m a supporter of those I love and care for – and those people are spread far and wide. I’m an electrician who deals with a lot of switchgear. I’m also more agnostic than anything else, but that’s a story for a different time. I’m also a lefty on a quest to slowly train all my friends where, exactly, they can sit when we’re sitting around a table for a meal.

Of course, learning about someone isn’t always an exercise in what they are – it’s also an exploration of what they aren’t.

I am not judgemental – whatever you enjoy doing with whomever you enjoy doing it with – as long as it’s consensual – I don’t care. Gay? Excellent. Straight? Excellent as well. Not sure? Cool. Asexual? Spectacular! Make your living stripping? Nifty – not a damn thing wrong with that in my opinion. I’m certain you’ve got a million and one hilarious stories to share and I want to hear them all. Make your living as a research scientist? Let’s chat about that too. In short, I don’t care what you do or what you prefer. I care about the person, not the occupation or whom they’re sleeping (or not) with.

Of course, if you’re only attracted to left-handed electricians with a taste for dystopia – call me. Perhaps we can talk.

What’s the purpose of this blog, word vomit, flavour of the day?

I also have no idea. I just know that sometimes the need to write strikes me, so I write. Sometimes it’s fiction, sometimes it’s my ramblings. Whatever it is there’s a dam inside my head and occasionally it gets so full of words they have to come spilling out. So, this is those words.

I recently started playing with my old Pentax K1000 – here’s some of the first images that came from it: